Things To Do For Mother’s on Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers DayCommunity

Happy Mothers Day

Alton, Mo. – Mother’s Day is coming up soon on May 10, 2020. Here are some things to do and to give to your mom on Mother’s Day. You can also do these things with your siblings and dad as well.


Paint a picture. It doesn’t matter if you’re Michelangelo or you don’t know how to paint at all. Paint some flowers, hearts, a self-portrait of you and her, or butterflies.

A Card

Anyone likes a friendly card. Write a little poem in it or a note. You can either buy one or you can make one yourself. Decorate the card with flowers and pretty things.

Buy Flowers and Chocolates

This may not be for you, but buy your mom some nice flowers and chocolates. Any mom likes those. Plant some flowers before Mother’s Day, and when they’re blooming, give them to her.


Surprise mom on Mother’s Day by cooking her some food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make her a meal. And go a step further and do the dishes as well. Or you can just make one thing, like cookies, a loaf of bread, pumpkin bars, etc.


On Mother’s Day or the days leading up to it, do chores continually. Don’t just do your normal; go 110% and do it to the best of your ability. Fold the clothes lying down, clean the kitchen and bathroom, or help cook supper. If your mom mentions something she should do that you could do, do it and surprise her.


You can take a bike ride, a walk, or any other physical activity with your mom. Enjoy talking to your mom and enjoy the nature as well. You can go bird watching or you can go swimming.

Mother’s Day is a special day for your mother. Make it to be more special than ever this year and mount on top of it every year.

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