6 Things To Do To Welcome Spring

Day in green meadow.Community

Day in green meadow.

Alton, Mo. – Spring is here March 19, 2020. Spring means rain, flowers, mud, green trees, and green grass. To have a fresh start with spring here are six things to do:

#1 Spring Cleaning

The first thing is to start your spring cleaning.  [1] After a long cold winter, or for the southern states hot winter, your house is dusty, dirty, and needs a little cleaning. Sweep out the cobwebs, mop that corner you just haven’t gotten to yet. Wash all the dishes. Maybe go outside and fix up that chicken coop or paint a building that started to peel.

#2 Sports

Even if you don’t like sports, you can go outside and get your heartbeat up while enjoying the birds chirping, the sun shining, and the green grass. You can shoot some hoops, throw the football, take a bike ride, kick the soccer ball, or take a run.

#3 Volunteer

You’ve been inside all winter watching the dreary days pass. Now’s your chance to get outside and volunteer. You’ve wanted to help that person or that organization, and now you can. You can volunteer at a local shelter, the nursing home, or your neighbor. They will take all the help you give.

#4 Get a Book

You can go to the library or book store and get that book you want. Then you can take a little hike to that perfect place and read the book while being outside soaking up the beautiful sunshine.

#5 Bird Feeders

Get your bird feeder out, make a bird feeder, or buy a bird feeder. Set it up outside your window so you can see the little birds that come by. You can also set up a birdbath so the birds can take a bath after they eat.

#6 Balance an Egg

The last thing is to balance an egg. Grab any type of egg, get to a flat surface, then balance the egg. It may take a couple of tries, but you can do it.


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