Primary Elections Candidates For Missouri 2020

Primary election results.

The unofficial primary election results.

Primary Elections are prolific in the news and Missouri’s turn is coming. The Missouri Primary Elections date is set for Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Individuals voting at this time choose a party ballot. Individuals not wishing to specify a party may request a ballot containing other issues if the jurisdiction contains issues.

Missouri has five established parties: republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Constitution, and Green. Candidates wishing to have their name on the fall ballot need to file before 5:00 p.m., March 31, 2020. One can go to the Missouri Secretary Of State website for further information,

Statewide Candidates


Currently, Missouri has eight candidates running for governor. Besides Mike Parson, the current governor, three are Republican, four are Democratic, and one is a Libertarian.

Lieutenant Governor

As of today, we have four candidates running for this office of which one is the incumbent. Two are Republican, one is a Democrat, and one is Libertarian.

Secretary of State

John Ashcroft is the current secretary of state and he is running again against one Democratic.

State Treasurer

Two individuals are running for state treasurer: one Republican (Scott Fitzpatrick the incumbent) and one Democratic.

Attorney General

Missouri currently has three candidates for attorney general: one Republican and two Democrats.

The U.S. Congress

Moving from that area, every two years we vote on a U.S. Congressman. Currently that is Jason Smith. Right now, he has two candidates running against him, a Democrat and a Libertarian. Something to keep in mind is that we are in U.S. District 8.

State Senator

Moving back to the state level, Senator Cunningham is term limiting out. That means his seat is open for another. There are four candidates running for his seat: three Republicans and one Democrat. Also to note is Alton is in district 33.

State Representative

Representative Pogue will also term limit out this season, so his office will be open. As of today, there are four candidates running for State Representative. All are Republicans. Oregon County is district 143.

Ballot Measure

Currently, there is a ballot proposal dealing with extending term limits.

Although it will be several months before the primary, decisions need to be made as we watch the choices of those wanting to lead us. As Americans, we are responsible for voting with reason and knowledge as to what best benefits our family, community and heritage. Elections are not something to be done lightly.





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