Keep An Eye On Your Pets- Coyotes Are Around



Coyotes are prevalent in Oregon County, Missouri. Nonetheless, certain times have the coyotes out and about in contact with humans more than other times.

February Sightings

Coyotes typically breed in February and March [1]. During this period, coyotes are more dominant about their territories. Children and pets that get close to their domain are seen as a threat, not a food source. Coyotes may even attack small pets.

Spring Sightings

Sixty days after breeding, coyotes give birth to a litter of four or five pups. This is usually April or May. As the pups grow, so does their demand for food. This pushes the coyote out to new areas in an attempt to gain food for the cubs. Coyotes eat just about anything: foxes, mice, fruits, vegetables, insects, carrion, and garbage. In an effort to gain food, the adult coyote may become aggressive towards family pets and small children. They are competitors for food.

What To Do

The Missouri Department Of Conservation (MDC) offers advice on how to help your household during peak coyote months. One is to ensure you have no available food sources for the coyote. Don’t leave pet food outside. Keep track of your bird feeders. Although coyotes don’t regularly eat bird food, they do eat the birds and rodents that come to the feeders.

If you see a coyote nearby, make it feel unwelcome. Yell at it. Make other loud noises. It’s permissible to throw rocks or sticks at it. Don’t leave your small pets outside alone, especially after dark. Owners should stay with the pets at all times. Fences help deter the coyotes. Make it tall enough to prevent jumping over, and deep enough to prevent digging under.

A way yo look at it is that this season will pass. Simply be vigilant with what is yours and don’t give in to the wild animal.


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