Unsure What To Give For Valentine’s Day? Here Are 6 Things Females Want

Red Valentines Day bears.

Red Valentines Day bears.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner with it being on Sunday, February 14, 2021. Although both females and males receive gifts for Valentine’s Day, it is mostly the male giving the gift to the female. If you are unsure of what to get your female friend, here are six things to get her.

#1 The Normal

You may have heard it from your mother, sister, or grandmother on what to get them for Christmas or their birthday; they always say “Chocolate, diamonds, and flowers.”

#2 Chocolate

What females always like is chocolate. Whether it comes in large quantities or small quantities or whether it’s dark chocolate or milk chocolate, females love chocolate. You can get chocolate covered nuts, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or you can get a big box of different types of chocolate.

#3 Flowers

Another gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is flowers. You can order flowers online and get the flower you want. An all-time favorite is roses. Some other flowers are carnations, sunflowers, or Alstroemeria (or Lily of the Incas). If you want a cheaper solution and you live in the southern states or you are in warm climates where you have flowers year-round, pick some of the flowers and make a bouquet yourself.

Flower And Color Meanings

In case you don’t know what each flower and color means, here are the meanings of them. Blue flowers represent peace, openness, and serenity; pink flowers represent grace, gentility, and happiness; purple flowers are for dignity, pride, and success, and of course royalty; and red flowers represent desire, strength, and passionate love. [1]

White flowers are for innocence, humility, and reverence, and simple beauty; yellow flowers represent joy and lightheartedness; orange flowers are for joy, warmth, and happiness; green flowers represent health, resilience, good fortune, and youth; and finally, lavender flowers, which are not the same as purple flowers, show refinement, grace, and elegance. [2]

#4 Jewelry

Another thing females like is jewelry. Now if you can’t buy a diamond that is understandable; but there are also other jewelry females like. Among them are bracelets, necklaces, and nice purses. If want to be really industrious and creative, make a homemade bracelet or necklace.

#5 Teddy Bear

There is nothing like cuddling with a giant teddy bear. Now you may think that you get over having stuffed animals, but you never do. Females will like a small or giant teddy bear or any other stuffed animal.

#6 A Card

The last thing you can give to your female friend is a card. You can buy the giant cards they sell or the small ones and give them to your female friend. You can even make your own card and put hearts and flowers on it. You may not think that is a lot, but the female will like it just as well for the thought.

If you want you can just give one of these things to your female friend or you can give them all to your female friend. They will like it just as well. Make sure to make Valentine’s Day special on Sunday, February 14.

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