Curb Appeal: Small Tasks Offer Big Results

A house at sunset.Community

A house at sunset.

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If you’re getting ready to list your home, you may have noticed that the market has softened a bit in many areas. But, that does not mean that homes are not selling, and one sure way to get more attention to your property is to improve your curb appeal.

Today, shares ways to make your home the best option on the block.

What Is Curb Appeal?

The term curb appeal is simply a nice way of saying that a home looks good from the road. Think about pulling into someone’s house for the very first time. If the exterior looks rundown and the lawn is overgrown, you may have a negative perception about how well it’s been taken care of. Apply this logic to your own home, and put yourself in the position of a buyer who you want to be excited as they rounded the corner into your driveway.

Small Is the New Big

When it comes to enhancing your home’s aesthetic, you don’t have to plan a full-scale overhaul. There are many small ways you can create a beautiful exterior. Keep the following in mind as you head to the hardware store or start calling contractors.

Trim the Trees

Overgrown trees are an eyesore that also attract ticks, snakes, and other nuisances. For locating a service near you, take to the internet and search for licensed tree trimming professionals. A trimmed tree is a healthy tree, and shortening limbs and eliminating dead weight will also give your home an added layer of protection during storms and high winds. Look for a service that has the safety equipment to handle this job with few challenges.

Fix What’s Broken

You don’t always have to have a licensed professional to improve your curb appeal. Start by fixing broken deck boards, fencing material, and missing window caulk. If your doorknob is outdated or rusted, replace it. This video from Hardware Hut shows you how.

Add Color

Color sets the mood and attracts the attention of the eye. Give your home an instant upgrade by cleaning your front door and shutters and adding a coat of paint. Writing for Martha Stewart, Caroline Biggs recommends black with a high-gloss finish. For a more vibrant look, go with teal or red.

Start Planting

Flowers and greenery make your home look alive. As an added perk, many flowers fill the air with smells that make a strong impression on buyers. Homes & Gardens’ top pick for fragrant flowers includes mock orange, roses, and sweet peas.


A clean and tidy exterior will leave your buyers with the impression that the property has been well cared for. Grab your pressure washer, protective gear, and water hose, and get to work cleaning mold, mildew, dirt, and grime off of your home’s exterior surfaces. Clean the porch, walkways, shutters, and even your patio furniture until they are squeaky clean.

Add A New Mailbox

We often don’t think of our correspondence receptacles as part of our overall curb appeal. But, with the right design, your mailbox will also grab attention. Depending on your style of home (and HOA regulations) you might choose a post-mounted mailbox or one designed to mount on the wall next to your front door.

Buyers are usually more interested in how well a home is maintained than whether or not it hits local beauty standards. They can always make changes to suit their taste and style. The steps above will make your home stand out, even if your neighborhood is saturated with homes for sale. Remember, it doesn’t take much, and something as simple as pruning the trees and pressure washing the walkway may be just enough to shine your home up like the diamond it is.

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