For The Hard To Buy For Person: How About A Plant Gift Card?

Plant sprouting from the ground.

Plant sprouting from the ground.

Gift cards were a great invention for someone you need a gift for, but is difficult to buy for. So, you’ve run the gamut of clothes, food, auto ideas, now what? How about a plant gift card? With these special cards, the recipient chooses from a variety of growing plants and additions that is a sure win for both the giver and receiver.


Want a gift that will be remembered for years to come? How about a tree? A popular Chinese proverb says,

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

That being said, a tree will grow for years. Whether is bears fruit, or offers shade, or is ornamental, one can watch a relationship grow as the tree grows. It’s a gift that doesn’t stop giving. Retailers like Stark Bro’s Nursery offers a variety of trees, along with growing guides and  help. Plus, Stark Bro’s is here in Missouri. They ship when the time to plant is right. Stark Bro’s as well as others, offer gift certificates. This enables the receiver to choose what tree or plant he wants.


Thinking of spring and higher grocery prices, one can also give seeds to the grower. Places like Burpee have been around a long time, perfecting their seeds and their shipping processes. Burpee and most other seed distributors offer some type of gift card. These cards are often for any amount, while tree gift certificates are usually for higher set amounts.


Besides the seeds and plants, one may want to upgrade the pots, hoses, fertilizers or gadgets for gardening. A gift card from a loving family member or family goes a long way come spering, complete with loving thoughts towards the giver.

So this holiday season of gift giving, try something new: give a plant gift card.


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