John Deere Products Get 2020 AE50 Awards

John Deere

John Deere

Alton, Mo. – After a successful launch in 2019, the John Deere 2700 and 2750 PrecisionCut™ and E-Cut™ Hybrid Triplex Mowers and other John Deere products were honored as a 2020 AE50 Award winner by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). Each year the AE50 awards highlight the most innovative designs in product engineering in the food and agriculture industry, as chosen by a panel of international engineering experts.

John Deere Product Winners

Some John Deere products were awarded the 2020 AE50 Award; the first one was the John Deere Quik-Knect System. The Quik-Knect System is for some of the John Deere compact utility models. Quik-Knect helps prevent twisting and forcing to line up splines when attaching rear implements. It helps the person to increase in ease and productivity. ASABE chose the Quik-Knect System based on its ability to help operators save time while switching between other equipment.

“We’re extremely proud of the Quik-Knect design and its ability to help our customers work faster and more efficiently,” said Keith Hendrix, product marketing manager at John Deere. “What makes this product so valuable is that it makes connecting rear implements a hassle-free task. After surveying our customers, we found that many believed this process to be to tedious, so we created the Quik-Knect system to address that issue.” [1]

Walk-Behind Mowers

Another product for the 2020 AE50 Award for John Deere was the M and R Series Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers. This mower helps the customer with the needs of productivity, operator comfort, weight distribution, and frame clearance. Six of the models offer new steering controls, improved hand position, and increased frame clearance, along with several other features.

“When speaking with customers, we specifically set out to understand the daily challenges they face with productivity and comfort,” Carl Agee, product marketing manager for John Deere, explains. “As we developed these machines, our engineering team focused on implementing this feedback into every aspect of the machine design. From new steering controls that maximize comfort and maneuverability to improved ground clearance for curb-climbing applications, these units were developed to provide a solution for the challenges our customers regularly face.” Agee says that the mower was made for operator comfort and productivity in mind. [2]

Other products from John Deere’s that got awarded the AE50 Award is the: LS475 Liquid System, and the N500C Series Air Drill. For more infromation on them, you can go to John Deere’s website.


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