Missouri State Representative Pogue Discusses 2019 Legislature

Missouri state capitol building.

Missouri state capitol building.

Our Representative Pogue has been busy as legislation is currently in session. In a given year, approximately 4,000 bills are discussed and voted, and only around 100 are passed on to the Senate. As is common knowledge, the vote on the floor happens after the bill is passed from committee.

Assembly on March 4th

On March 4, 2019, there were several items voted on. After the pledge of allegiance and acceptance of previous minutes, various reports and resolutions were read. Some of the votes were regarding poaching, sexual offenders, taxes, and motor vehicle safety. In truth, Representative Pogue did vote no on several items. He is all for smaller government. He says, “So many items should be decided by local governments instead of state or federal governments.”

Opening Date for Public School

One of the significant discussions in the House of Representatives was the opening date for public school. Representatives debated much over the time. Should the school year be scheduled around the state fair? Sports events? Harvest and planting seasons? Almost all present had something to say. According to Pogue, sometimes these debates on critical issues last long into the night. Once again, our Representative Pogue thinks the opening date of school should be decided by local municipalities.

Term Limits

This is the final term for Mr. Pogue as he will term limit out. Although he did not name any names to take his place, he did say his replacement is a matter of prayer. Prayer alone is the deciding factor to reduce the size of our ever growing government. Pogue also uses many Bible verses when talking. That confirms his time spent with God.

Bills Submitted

Despite the fact that Representative Pogue is known as being a “No” voter, he has submitted several bills which are in varying states of progress. [1]

Representative Pogue is available to meet with his employers (those whom he represents). One need only go to his office at the Capitol. An aid will then retrieve Pogue from the floor. The legislature is in session most Mondays through Thursdays, January through May. Urgent and important bills can call for special sessions on weekends.

To find out exactly what bills and resolutions are discussed, a person can go to the government web here.



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