Oklahoma Passes Bill To Revoke Doctors’ License Who Perform Abortions

New born baby.

New born baby.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives met to begin the new year and quickly passed House bill 1182 which revokes the license of any doctor who performs an abortion, save for the life of the woman. With so many states trying to minimize, or outlaw, abortion, Oklahoma went the other direction.

Details In A Nutshell

This bill was a carryover measure from last year and similar to one submitted in 2016. It passed 71-21 along party lines. This bill will revoke the license for one year of any doctor performing the baby killing. If the woman’s life is at stake, the doctor is exempt. Her mental health is excluded.

Opposition Talks

Democrats argued in vain about an intrusion into personal safety. Representative Nichols noted that the number of abortions decreases in most states that try not to restrict it. He also added that easy access to contraceptives was the most effective way to reduce abortions. However, he forgot that abstinence works to prevent pregnancies 100% of the time- without fear of STD. Emily Virgin, another Democratic critic,  said that she believes it is an invasion of personal situations. She believes banning abortions is wrong. Nonetheless, getting pregnant and killing an innocent baby is Not personal?  Perhaps raising this child or even bearing the child and giving him up for adoption could be a lesson quickly learned to think before jumping into bed the next time.

In learning from the marijuana legalization, the legislators did not attempt to illegalize abortion. Olsen, the bill originator, noted that marijuana is legal under federal law, but legal only medicinally in Oklahoma. In the debate, Olsen said, “There is a court higher than the Supreme Court. There is the court of God. Abortion is a violation of the law of God.” [1]

This bill is expected to pass in the Republican Senate and to be signed by the Republican governor.




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