Senator Hawley Stands Up For Parents At School Board Meetings

Public school buses.

Public school buses.

On February 15, 2022, Missouri Senator Hawley wrote to Attorney General General Garland and demanded answers in  regards to the Biden administration’s controversial memo instructing the FBI to investigate parents who speak out at local school board meetings.

Last Year

Last year, Garland admitted he drafted a memo in response to a letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that smeared parents as ‘domestic terrorists’. New information has come out since that time concerning the matter.

New Information

Senator Hawley is asking about outside groups involved in the memo. He is asking for any correlation between the memo , the Biden administration, and the NSBA. He said,

The American people deserve answers [1].

Senator additionally requests details about who actually wrote the controversial memo, what outside groups suggested the language for the memo, and when the White House was made aware of the memo. Last fall, Senator Hawley criticized garland over his attempt to weaponize the FBI. Hawley called for his resignation when the memo revealed the Biden;s administration has a plan with the FBI based on misinformation. To read the complete letter Senator Hawley wrote to Attorney General Garland, click here.


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