Prayer On The Square Had Good Turnout Despite Weather

Leitner speaking

Leitner speaking

Alton, Mo. – Alton is having a monthly group prayer meeting. It is held on the square and the public is invited [1]. Saturday, May 29, local residents met on the south side of the courthouse square to be encouraged and challenged This is in addition to prayer.

Who Spoke?

Josh Leitner of Riverton Baptist Church spoke on Saturday, May 29. His wife led the group in a couple of acapella songs. His main passage was in Matthew.


Approximately a dozen and a half persons met to pray this Saturday at the Alton Prayer Meeting. This was not limited to adults only as several children and youths did attend.

Where Was This?

People meet on the south side of the Alton Courthouse.


The prayer time began at 9:00 a.m. and lasted approximately one-half hour.

Items To Note

This was the last Saturday of the month, a day set aside to take time and pray. However, unlike average Memorial Day weekends, the weather was cold and dreary with a slight breeze. Many attendees wore warm coats covering more warm clothes. A misty dampness hung in the air. The sky was grey.



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