St. Louis Blues Visit White House After Winning Stanley Cup for First Time

Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill.

Washington, D.C., VA. – On October 15, 2019, the St. Louis Blues went to the White House, and President Donald Trump gave a speech about their achievement on winning the Stanley Cup. This Stanley Cup was the first one the Blues had ever won.

The Blues Season

After the Blues weren’t doing the best in the 2018-2019 season, they surprised everyone by winning the Stanley Cup in June.

For the seven games, they went up against the Boston Bruins- they won 4 of the 7 games. It was a back in forth game, as the Blues and Bruins switched off winning the games; the Blues and Bruins even made it to the seventh game, which usually doesn’t happen in hockey. After winning the Stanley Cup, the Blues got a parade, a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and got to meet President Trump at the White House.

President Trump congratulated the team on their from behind win. Sports teams visiting the White House goes back to 1865.

The President’s Speech

The president also gave a short speech while the Blues visited the White House. This is part of the transcript of what he said, according to the White House.

“Well, thank you very much. It’s a great honor today. These are great champions behind me, great athletes. I always respect great athletes. But they’re also very smart, because you can’t win unless you’re smart. It takes more than just the muscles, right? I think we’ve all learned that. Today, it’s my pleasure to welcome the Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues.” President Trump said, “I watched it very carefully. I watched that season, and I saw, gee, they’re not doing very well this year. But you’ll see the story; it’s an amazing story of comebacks. Congratulations to Head Coach Craig Berube and the Blues organization. And I just want to congratulate you guys. That is something. (Applause.) Fantastic. Fantastic. And the entire team on winning your first Stanley Cup. And you’ll probably have many more, based on what I’m hearing.”

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