Burger Palace Dining Room Open Again

A banana split.

A banana split.

Alton, Mo. – Burger Palace announced that their dining room is once more opened. Since the coronavirus shut down much of the economy, Burger Palace has remained open for the drive-through services, see here on government restrictions. Altering hours and methods of service, the First Phase of Recovery in Missouri is, literally, opening doors in Alton, Missouri.

Where Is The Burger Palace?

The Burger Palace is a local burger/ice cream shop located in Alton, Missouri. It sells much after school hours and home sports games. It also employs local teenagers, giving them a step up in the working world. With schools closed and sporting and extra-curricular events canceled, the business has suffered financially.

How Open Is It?

Just in time, some of the prohibitions are lifted by the state government. One restriction that is lifted deals with the dining room. Burger Palace reopened its dining room doors on Monday, May 4, 2020. Few restrictions that the customers need to know about. One item to note is the fact that no more than ten people can be at a table at one time. The Burger Palace does have indoor dining as well as outdoor dining.

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