Oregon County Food Pantry Has A New Location

Oregon County Food Pantry

Alton, Mo. – The Oregon County Food pantry has a new location. Although for quite some time, it has faithfully passed out food to local residents from the Community Worship Center. Anyone who has gone to town on the food give-out-days knows that the need is great. Traffic winds itself through town, blocking several streets. But to find a location adequate to meet the needs grew from month to month.


Those in charge searched for a better facility to meet their needs. Even additional storage space throughout the month would get filled up quickly. As the economy grew worse, more people and families came to rely on the food pantry as a main source of food. The need list included electricity, storage room, location preferably in Alton, and room for a truck to deliver and cars to pick up their boxes. What to do?


The Oregon County Food Pantry now has a new location! Located just outside of town on Highway 160 West, an Oregon County Food Pantry sign sways in the wind on a fence. This will relieve the stress of traffic in town. It is its building now, not having to share space with other renters. The food pantry even has its sign!

The Oregon County Food Pantry is available to those in Oregon County who have a need, be it an individual or family, for a single month or several months.

Just like any move, there are a few quirks to overcome. With diligent workers striving to meet the needs of the community, I am confident that within a month, systems will be made to accommodate the end users, as well as the workers.


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