Thayer And Alton Senior Centers Open For Dining And Games

Alton, Missouri Senior Center activities and menu

The Thayer and Alton, Missouri, senior centers are going to open Thursday, July 1, 2021, for both dining and games.

What Meals

Senior citizens who go to the Thayer senior center will get BLT’s on July 6th, southern oven fried chicken on July 14th, beef nachos on July 20th, and much more tasty meals. Alton also has a tasty menu. Some of the meals include BBQ ribette on a bun on July 1st, pulled BBQ beef on a bun on July 9th, and spaghetti on July 12th.

Thayer Missouri Senior Center
Thayer, Missouri Senior Center menu and actvities

What Activities

For Thayer, they will have bingo July 1st, gardening and exercise on July 13th, and so much more on the rest of the days. Alton has a prize drawing on July 6th, bingo on July 8th, crafts on July 21st, along with other activities.

So come out all of you seniors and get some tasty food and play some games with other seniors!

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