5 Yummy Foods And Sides You Can Make During The Summer

Delicious cooked steaks.Community

Delicious cooked steaks.

Do you need some ideas of what to make for yourself and your family during the summer? Here are five different foods and sides that you can make.

#1 Ribs

A tasty dinner in the summer is barbecued ribs. Two sides for ribs are baked potatoes and any type of salad.

#2 Hamburgers

The smell and taste of cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs. You can have baked beans and chips with it.

#3 Chicken

A new experience for you to try is cooking out chicken on the grill. Nothing like barbecued chicken cooked on the grill. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a veggie go well with the chicken.

#4 Steak

Sometimes steaks are for special occasions, but they also taste good during the summer. Cook it out on the grill or in the oven or stove top- they all taste good. Some sides to go with steaks are light, fluffy rolls, mashed potatoes or flavored rice, and salad.

#5 Pulled-Pork Sandwiches

All you need to do to cook pulled-pork sandwiches is to put it in the crock pot and let it cook all day. Mix some onions, barbecue, and some spices and you have some top notch pulled-pork sandwiches. Put it with corn on the cob, potato salad, and a variety of chips- you have a tasty meal right there.

Sides For All

For a barbecued or cooked out food, corn on the cob, any type of salad (potato salad, coleslaw, etc.), and sometimes chips or potatoes go with the meal every time. Watermelon and fruit go well with the hamburgers, hot dogs, and pulled-pork.

Desserts Anyone?

If you feel like making a dessert, here you go. A summer favorite is ice cream- whether it be a cone or an ice cream cake. Fruit, even in itself, is a great dessert. Another hit is pies. Whether it be meringue pie, apple pie, pudding pie, or any other pie you can think of.

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