Easter Activities to do While Quarantined

Colored Easter eggs in hay.Community

Colored Easter eggs in hay.

Alton, Mo. – This year families will more than likely be quarantined on Easter Sunday. To still keep up the Easter spirit and not be bored, here are a few activities to do.

Color Eggs

A fun activity you can do is color eggs. Get an egg coloring kit and some eggs then follow the directions. You can even eat them afterward or make deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs

Make some deviled eggs! Although recipes vary, these are the basic ingredients: mayonnaise, boiled eggs, paprika, and mustard. Take the yolks out of the eggs by cutting the eggs in half and put them into a bowl. Stir in some mayonnaise and mustard to your liking than stir together. Spoon out the mixture into the white eggs. Sprinkle some paprika on top and put them into the refrigerator to cool. Then serve and enjoy.

Plant Flowers

Spring equals Easter and Easter equals flowers. Grab some flower seeds, dirt, and a pot. Then plant your flower seeds and wait for them to grow up.

Egg Hunt

Even if you can’t go outside and either attend or host an Easter egg hunt, you can just do one inside. Grab last year’s plastic eggs and fill them with little treats you have from around the house. You can add fun challenges to it as well. You can put slips of paper in the egg giving fun things to do such as, name three fruits that are yellow, do a handstand, and sing a song. For the older kids, you have things like name ten state and capitols and stuff like that.

Guess the Amount

Get a candy such as jelly beans, food, or items and put them in a jar of any size. Put the candy into the jar and have the family guess how much is in the jar. The person closest but not going over the number wins the jar and the stuff in it.

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