Unauthorized Bear Sign on AA Highway Causes Confusion

Bear in Area sign.

Bear in Area sign.

Alton, Mo. – Alton, Missouri has a “Bear in the Area” sign posted on Highway AA near the Mark Twain Forest Preserve about 2-3 miles east of MO 19 North.  Altonmo.com staff was able to speak directly with the Oregon County Highway Department to try to find answers to their questions.


Dave from the highway department spoke to Altonmo.com. He knew nothing about the sign and was unaware of the Missouri Highway Department putting up any signs of that type. As this is not a “homemade-looking” sign, he was planning on driving out to see the sign.


The appearance is like other roadway signs put out by MODOT (metal, yellow with black words). However, the highway department does not display wildlife signs.

The Missouri Department of Conservation also denies exhibiting this sign as conservation signs are brown [1].


Up to this date, the question remains as to who installed the bear sign. Neither Missouri conservation Department nor the Missouri Highway Department claims that this sign is theirs. Confusion about this sign certainly exists. Once more, if anyone has information in regards to this sign, feel free to contact Altonmo.com at our “got news” page.

Even if the sign was installed because a “good Samaritan” is trying to alert people of danger, common sense dictates wildlife awareness and precaution.


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