“Bear in Area” Sign Spotted On AA Highway Out of Alton

Cracked road with snow.

Cracked road with snow.

Alton, Mo. – Recently a “Bear in the Area” sign was installed in the area.  On Highway AA, which is north of Alton, MO off State Route 19, just at the Mark Twain border is the sign. This sign is a  regular yellow with black lettering sign attached below the curve sign. The sign uses the same coloring as MODOT.


Bears are frequently seen in the area by the river, across fields, or near chickens. Being near the river and having such remote housing, bears can and do thrive. Bears are not tame and must be seen as wild.


According to Raymond from Missouri Conservation, bears are in the area, as in many places in Missouri. However, it is not the Department of Conservation who has installed this sign.  Their signs are natural brown colors. Nonetheless, Missouri Conservation does have important information for anyone who does see a bear in the area or on their property. Click here to learn more.

Bear Types

Black bears are the only bears found in the area. Although a bear may appear lighter in color, it is still a black bear.


Altonmo staff are currently working on additional information regarding this sign. If anyone has information, feel free to contact us on the “got news” page.


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