Enjoy The Beauty Of The Ozarks In The Season Of Autumn!

Fall leave covering the ground.

Fall leave covering the ground.

Autumn is perhaps one of the prettiest times of the year depending on where you are. The array of colors could make a masterpiece painting. On a hill in the Ozarks, it sometimes does look like a picture; it will take your breath away. Here are some things to do to enjoy autumn to the fullest.

Take A Hike

One way you can enjoy the autumn is by taking a hike. You can take a hike in one of the Ozarks forests or state parks. The colors will astound you.

Leaf Collage

When the leaves start changing, collect the different colors and make a collage. You can even make a tree collage.


Another way you can enjoy fall is to take pictures of the beautiful colors. You can even take a photo-shoot with your family.


If you’re more of the writing type, make a poem about autumn. Talk about the leaves, colors, the fresh coolness in the mornings.


God created everything for us to enjoy, use, and have domination over. Autumn is one of the things that shows that God is a great Artist and Creator.

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