MDC Reports Over 178,000 Deer Harvested During November Firearm Season

Deer in field.

Deer in field.

The November portion of firearm deer season has ended, and according to preliminary data from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), Missouri hunters killed 178,936 deer, a little under 30,000 less deer than the amount harvested in 2018.

2019 November Portion

On November 27, the November firearm portion of deer season ended with 178,936 deer harvested. Out of the 178,936 deer harvested, 91,420 were antlered bucks, 17,237 were button bucks, and 70,279 were does. [1]

The counties with the most deer harvested were Franklin with 4,008 deer harvested, Texas with 3,734 checked in, and Callaway with 3,369 harvested. Oregon County harvest 2,222 deer in the past week.

In 2018, hunters in Missouri harvested did a little better than this year, checking in 200,738 deer throughout the November portion of firearm season; and of that amount 103,582 were antlered bucks, 20,040 were button bucks, and 77,116 were does.

This November deer season, MDC also reported six firearm-related hunting incidents. Although only one incident was fatal, there were four self-inflicted incidents, and one non-fatal incident involving a shooter and a victim.

Deer Hunting Doesn’t Stop

Deer hunting continues in Missouri with archery deer hunting from November 27 through to January 15, 2020. The late youth portion of the firearm deer season runs November 29 through December 1. The antlerless portion of firearm deer season runs December 6-8, and the alternative methods portion of deer season will run from December 28 through to January 7, 2020. [2]


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