MDC Share Your Harvest is Holding a Photo Contest for Hunters Who Donate Meat

Two bucks standing in a field five feet apart.

Two bucks standing in a field five feet apart.

In 1992 Missouri hunters began a program to share the deer they harvested with less fortunate Missourians. Since then, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has taken it over, making it a statewide program that has since accepted donations of over 4 million pounds of venison.  Although Share the Harvest is a winning situation for everyone, MDC still likes to add a little competition and fun by making a Share Your Harvest photo contest.

Photo Contest

New to the Share the Harvest program is a Share Your Harvest photo contest for Missourians who have shared their harvest this deer season. Before you take your deer to be processed, take a photo of it and upload it to the Conservation Federation of Missouri’s (CFM) website for a chance to win prizes from CFM. Tell where you shared your harvest and add some contact info, and you’re entered into the contest.

Share Your Meat

To participate in Share the Harvest, simply hunt down a deer, bring it to an approved meat processor,  and tell them how much meat you wish to donate to those in need. Local and statewide sponsors cover parts or all of the cost of getting your deer processed. The hunter has the option to donate the entire deer or just a few pounds of venison- there is no price reduction for partial donations, however. [1]

To find a participating meat processor, you can go here and find your county and a nearby processor. Hunters that harvest a deer in a CWD management zone must first get it tested for CWD before donating it.


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