Today We Celebrate Missouri State Day

St. Louis Arch.

St. Louis Arch with buildings.

Not every state has one, but Missouri has a state day. The third Wednesday of October is Missouri State Day. This is a day to get out, or stay in, and appreciate all that Missouri has to offer.

Around Oregon County, a number of outdoors activities can be explored, mostly for free. Here are a few ideas.

Oregon County Offers

Oregon County has the beautiful Eleven Point River running through it. As the sun is out and the air is crisp, this is a great time to enjoy the river — cold weather coming in kills bugs and makes snakes slower. The changing colors of leaves reflecting on the river in the sunshine is picturesque. Many tourists are busy with work and school; therefore, canoe rentals are more open and available to residents. If canoeing is not for you, a hike or even fishing can be done along the river at various points.

Grand Gulf State Park is open year-round. Although it has a bit steeper walking trails than some parks, it has beautiful sights nonetheless. The parking lot is small, so it is good to plan ahead. This park really shows off the beauty of the Missouri Ozarks.

However, with all that going for Oregon County, it is not the only county celebrating Missouri Day. This is for the state. Missouri has diverse communities, sure to please everyone.

The East Side Of Missouri

First, there is Saint Louis. This major city has it all; zoos, museums, arts, varied food establishments, current events alongside historical mentions. And need it to be said that St. Louis does have the famous arch? This city is easy to get to as several highways pierce through it. It also welcomes visitors from nearby states who wish to celebrate Missouri Day.

The Other Side

Across the state is another metropolis: Kansas City. This, too, is an older city with so much available. It also borders another state to welcome visitors here.

Missouri has large cities, along with smaller homey towns and villages, rural areas, and parks bordering principal city amusements. Yes, Missouri is quite a diverse state. One day alone is not enough to participate in everything.


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