Proper Etiquette For The United States Flag

The United States flag.

The United States flag.

Alton, Mo. – Flag Day is Sunday, June 14, 2020. Flag Day is celebrated by the United States in honor of their flag. Here is some proper etiquette for the United States Flag.

Rule #1

The flag should not touch the ground or anything below it, like tables, water, merchandise, or stools.

Rule # 2

The flag should not be flying in inclement weather. The only exception is if it is an all-weather flag.

Rule # 3

The flag should only be flown from sunrise to sunset. But if you want to fly it for twenty-four hours, keep the flag well lit after sunset.

Rule #4

When mourning for something or someone, keep the flag at half-staff. Also, the flag should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

Rule # 5

When folding the flag, the blue section should be showing.

Rule # 6

When hanging up the flag in a window or on the wall, the blue section should be, to the observer, on the top left.

Rule # 7

If you hang the American flag along with other flags, the American flag should be above the other flags. Also, hoist the American flag first and lower it last.

Rule # 8

When your flag is old and worn, dispose of it in a respectful and dignified way. Such ways are, burning it in a respectful and ceremonial manner. You could also contact the Scout troops or American Legion to see if they have flag disposal ceremonies. [1]


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