Something For Your Sweetheart- 5 Gifts Women Want For Valentine’s Day

Stack of chocolate.

Stack of chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner on February 14, 2022. If you’re wondering what you’re going to get your sweetheart, here are the top five things women want for Valentine’s Day according to YouGovAmerica. [1]

#5 Something Homemade

You may not have a lot of money to spend or you just want to make something crafty, your sweetheart will enjoy something homemade. While you may be thinking to yourself,”I’m not crafty!” there is always something easy to make. You can make tissue paper flowers, a picture, a note, or a poem.

#4 Certificate/Gift Card

Another thing females want is a certificate/gift card. It can be for a spa/massage day, to a clothing store, or to their favorite store to shop in.

#3 Jewelry

The third thing your sweetheart wants is jewelry. Whether it’s a bracelet, a necklace, or those sparkly earrings she’s been wanting, your valentine will be happy.

#2 Card/Flowers

Coming in at number two, is cards and flowers which was a tie. You can buy a Valentine’s Day card or you can make one yourself. The other item you can get your girl is flowers. Red roses are the perfect gift for your valentine, although pink would work too.

#1 Chocolate

Coming in at number one, you got it, it’s chocolate. Your sweetheart will really enjoy a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. While you can get something unique, it is sometimes best to just stick with what you know she likes.

Chocolate Poll

If you’re thinking of getting your sweetheart chocolate but you’re undecided as what type to get her, here are the top five chocolate brands women have voted for.

  1. Hershey’s
  2. M&M’s
  3. Reese’s
  4. Snickers
  5. Dove Chocolate

Now to all you gentlemen out there, get your sweetheart the best gift she wants for Valentine’s Day! You have three days.


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