4 Of The Best Military Movies To Watch For Memorial Day

Movie theater seats

Movie theater seats

Today, May 29th, is Memorial Day. Today, we commemorate the fallen soldiers who have protected our freedoms. In honor of that, here are some of the best military movies to watch for the holiday. These are not the top four, just common ones mentioned over multiple sites.

#1 Glory

Glory is set during the Civil War. During the movie, Robert Shaw leads the first all-black volunteer company into the fighting.

#2 13 Hours

 In the 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, six ex-special forces men are hired by the CIA to protect covert CIA bases. During an attack on a compound, the men try to figure out all the chaos. [1]

#3 Saving Private Ryan

A more familiar movie, Saving Private Ryan tells the story of how soldiers go behind the lines to bring back home a paratrooper whose brothers had all died.

#4 Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is about a soldier during World War II who didn’t believe it was right for him to kill others. During an attack, after all his fellow-soldiers retreated, he continued to bring down injured American soldiers, while never firing a shot.

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