A New Twist For Pizza Lovers On The Go- Vending Pizza

Pizza slice being picked up.

Pizza slice being picked up.

Most people love pizza and most people are in a hurry. How many of us are ready to try a vending machine pizza? What began in Rome is coming to America. To the Midwest to be more precise. Will dashing communities take to this new style of hot pizza? Time will tell. Here are the details.


Massimo Bucolo designed the idea in Rome, Italy. These machines are for, as he says,

drunk people to grab a hot bite when all the regular pizzeria are closed, a step up from grocery store pie [1].

The idea was a success and now it’s coming to America.

What Does It Do?

This is a red box vending machine. Put money in, choose toppings, wait 3 minutes, and out pops your pizza in a cardboard box. Simple as that [2].

Where Are These Machines?

Although specific locations are not announced yet, general locations are in the Midwest. Specifically, these machines will be in gas stations and malls, hospitals, and theaters, quick stores, and airports [3]. One will find these anywhere a vending machine is found.

Pros And Cons

Pros are the no mess or waste of food. Pizza anytime, anywhere. Your choice of toppings without a long wait. Cons seem to be possibly the taste. Admittedly, this isn’t a nationwide food chain, but it is open 24/7. like many vending machines, parts do break, supplies need stocking.

Who Is Promoting These?

Pizza chains of PizzaForno and Let’s Pizza are bringing these machines to the public.

Pizza is practically a staple in each American household and  knowing that a hot, fresh pizza is ready anytime, day or night, holiday or not, is an appealing idea that many inhabitants could very well take to.



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