Thayer and Mammoth City-Wide Yard Sale Flops on Saturday

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Thayer, Mo. – The second biannual city-wide yard sale of 2019 for Thayer Missouri and Mammoth Spring Arkansas was held this Friday and Saturday- October 4 and 5. Although it has been a hit in times past and it was advertised on the ecommnews [1] community calendar, many businesses and houses didn’t get the memo- leaving Thayer and Mammoth Spring lacking in their yard sales.

Two City-Wide Sales

Twice every year, Mammoth Spring and Thayer get together to have a city-wide yard sale. Businesses and vendors have participated in this event in times past, hoping that yard sailors will stop by their store to buy some products before continuing onwards.

Residents of these towns are also quick to jump on the free city-wide yard sale advertising.

This Fall

This falls city-wide yard sale; however, was lacking in the yard sales. Although there were some sales, there was no more than what you would typically come across on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. Businesses that were open were open, with no sale signs in sight.

In times past, the Mammoth Spring Chamber of Commerce has encouraged people to submit the address of the yard where they plan on having a yard sale, and the Chamber of Commerce will print maps with everyone’s location on it. [2] This October, however, there were no maps.

Although the city-wide yard sale wasn’t the most significant success this year, there were still those of us who enjoyed getting out and hunting down a sale as we’d do on any weekend.


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