St. Jude Children’s Hospital is Helping Kids With Cancer- One Touchdown at a Time

Football in field.

Football in field.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is having Touchdowns Against Cancer, an event that allows people to help kids with cancer just by going to their favorite football game. There’s a lot of people that love football and would like to help people who are less fortunate in themselves- whether in health or finance.

Touchdowns Against Cancer

Throughout the entire month of September, high school’s all across the United States are raising money for children with cancer. With every touchdown a high school football team makes some children are helped. This is only in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, or September, to help St. Jude. If you want to help underserved children with cancer, you can pledge money for every time your team makes a touchdown. You can donate as little as one dollar or as much as you want to, with the realization that you’re helping kids who can’t play sports.

There have been 1,282 touchdowns, 959 pledgers, and $102,253 raised as of September 26. Head coach, Sergio Gradilla, from Whittier Christian High School in California said,“Touchdowns Against Cancer challenges our players to step up and give back to their community and support to a cause that’s greater than all of us – helping kids with cancer!” [1]

History of Children Having Cancer

Over 180,000 thousand children, across the world, are told they have cancer. High school football teams have an opportunity to help St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in a common cause: finding cures. Football fans of there local high school football team and the neighborhood can donate to St. Jude every time their time team makes a touchdown. So go and pledge money for kids with cancer.

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