Do You Know Where To Vote? Here Are Your Polling Places

Polling place sign pointing

Polling place sign pointing

Alton, Mo. – Oregon County Missouri is gearing up for the Primary Elections. They will be held on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. For those ages 18 1/2 or older and a legal citizen of the area, if you are already registered to vote, you may cast your ballot for whom you think will best represent our county in the upcoming two years. Oregon County has seven polling stations. Tracy Bridges, our county clerk, has given us this list.

Remember, polls are open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Big Apple Area

Those in the Koshkonong area can come to the Koshkonong City Hall. The city hall is located at 308 Luyster Street in Koshkonong.

Cedar Bluff, Myrtle, Couch, Jeff, and Jobe Billmore

The voters in these areas can show up at Centerpoint COGOP Church. The address there is 143 H Highway in Myrtle.


Voters in the Rover area can show up at the Shilo Baptist Church. The address there is 7974 M Highway in West Plains, Mo.


Legal citizens in this area can show up at the BB Community Building. The address here is 429 CR 225 in Alton, Missouri.

Moore Blackpond

Heading northwest of Alton, voters can vote at the Thomasville Community Center. Its address is 132 Old Street in Birch Tree, Missouri.

Piney 1, Piney 2 South, Piney 2, Piney 2 North, King, and Woodside

These local people can cast their ballots at the First Baptist Church here in Alton. The address here is 14791 MO 19 in Alton.

Thayer 1, Thayer 1-1, Thayer 2, and Thayer 2-2

If you live in the Thayer area, you cast your vote at the Clarity Church. The address of this church is 190 Industrial Drive in Thayer, Missouri.

These are the updated polling stations for Oregon County. encourages all legal citizens who are able to get out and vote on Tuesday, August 2.

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