Alton School Board Meeting Held In March 2023

Alton High School sign in Alton Missouri.

Alton, Mo. – On March 9, 2023, the Alton school board held their regularly scheduled meeting. Because the seniors versus faculty basketball game was happening simultaneously, some faculty had to traverse between two roles: board attendee and basketball player. Nevertheless, the school board did cover a lot of information.

Facility Improvements

They discussed improvements to the school grounds. Air ducts are now in the gym. Soon they will be installed in the stage area, followed after by the entire school.


The board did approve the upcoming school year calendar. The school session will begin on August 21, 2023, and end on May 17, 2024. They will have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring breaks.

At this time, it was discussed that April’s meeting will be the swearing-in of new officers and the board reorganization. The next regular meeting will be held on May 11, with graduation the next day.

Summer School

The elementary principal, Larissa Staton, reported for the upcoming summer school. This year’s focus in summer school will be mastering math and reading. The goal, according to Staton, “is to have fun while learning.” Yet, all of the scheduled field trips this summer will be educational.

They do plan on having incentives for the students. They also plan crafts/activities that the students learn from and can take home.

For those just finishing kindergarten up to junior high, they will offer music, PE, math, and reading. Junior high and high school are looking at possible weights or general PE classes along with personal finance for high school.

Summer school runs from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm from May 30 through June 23. Although last year saw 162 students attending, they want to increase the class numbers to 175 or even 200 this year.

MSIP Report

Holly spoke on the Missouri School Improvement Program. It is a new program aimed at benefitting students as they become adults, as well as benefitting schools that guide students into adulthood.

New Courses

Next school year will have new courses available for the students to take. These include band, senior advisory, computer science (mandatory), introduction to welding, advanced welding, and school publications/journalism.


Back in August, school enrollment was 540. Currently, it is at 610, according to the numbers provided in the meeting. The Alton school system also has no debt services. All of the expenditures have been budgeted for. The school teachers are getting a small raise. And three needed new buses were bought this year. The school grounds have been undergoing a remodeling process. Windows are repaired, and floors are fixed. All of this, instead of tearing down and building new, saves money.

Tax Levy

Dr. Williams spoke on the proposed tax levy. You can read about the tax levy in April elections.

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