Governor Parson Signs Executive Order 18-11, Hello Christmas Weekend

Christmas angel in front of lights.

Christmas angel in front of lights.

On November 30th the Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, signed Executive Order 18-11. This simply states that all state offices will be closed on Monday, December 24th, or Christmas Eve this year. This means that Christmas weekend has just gotten a whole lot longer.

This year Christmas falls on a Tuesday and Christmas Eve is on a Monday. Both of these days are a regular week day, which we know we’ll have to wake up and go to work on throughout the rest of the year. To avoid any dilemma about whether or not state employees should work on Christmas Eve or take the day off, Governor Parson signed Executive Order 18-11.

Executive Order 18-11

Executive Order 18-11 merely states that Missouri state offices will be closed on the 24th of December, 2018, so that employees can enjoy time with friends or family [1]

“As we begin the Christmas season with the lighting of the People’s Mansion, let us take time to rejoice, give thanks, and help those in need. May we also pause to reflect on the important relationships that we have in our lives. For it is our family and friends close to our hearts who make this a joyful season. With Christmas Eve falling on a Monday, I have signed Executive Order 18-11 declaring state offices to be closed on December 24, 2018, so that our state employees will have time to celebrate and be with their loved ones. From my family to yours, we wish everyone peace, joy, goodwill, and a very Merry Christmas,” said Governor Parson. [2]

Merry Christmas

Governor Parson also wished everyone a Merry Christmas in a statement he made concerning Executive Order 18-11.

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