How Your U.S. Representative Jason Smith Voted This Past Week

USA Capital Building

USA Capital Building

United States Representative Jason Smith from Missouri has been busy voting on bills at the Capitol. The bills he voted on this past week is H.R. 5314, H.R. 5609, and S. 610.

H.R. 5314

House of Representatives Bill 5314 strengthens the Washington Democrats’ power to conduct a partisan hunts against Donald Trump in Congress. Representative Smith voted “nay” against it. The bill was passed.

H.R. 5609

This bill, H.R. 5609 which was co-authored by Representative Smith, directs the USDA to establish and maintain a library or catalog of each type of contract offered by packers to producers for the purchase of all or part of the production of fed cattle, including any schedules of premiums or discounts associated with the contract. H.R. 5609 was passed with Rep. Smith voting yes.

S. 610

Senate Bill 610 allows the Washington Democrats to lift the debt ceiling without any negotiations for cutting, spending, or measures to reduce inflation on working class families. The bill was passed and Rep. Jason Smith voted “nay.”


Thank you for this… I am not sure how effective Congressman Smith is for us Ag people. Even tho he presents himself always as part of the Ag community. Glad someone else is keeping watch as well.

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