Missouri Bicentennial Happening in Summer of 2021

Missouri Flag.

Missouri flag next to Gateway Arch.

On October 12th, Governor Mike Parson signed an executive order for the creation of a Bicentennial Commission. Missouri’s bicentennial will be occurring in the summer of 2021. This commission will help fund the State Historical Society of Missouri as it works to put together the commemoration of Missouri’s upcoming bicentennial.

New License Plates

In 2016 an Advisory Committee began to develop a design for a new license plate. The design commemorates the bicentennial of Missouri being admitted as a state. The license plates design honors the Missouri state flag with its use of colors while the waves signify the rivers in Missouri. State law requires the Department of Revenue to begin a full re-issuing of license plates with the new plate design no later than January 1, 2019. [1]

Missouri license plate. (Photo credit to mo.gov)
Missouri license plate. (Photo credit to mo.gov)


Working Towards 2021

August 10th, 2021 will mark Missouri’s two hundredth anniversary of being admitted into the United States. Missouri was the 24th state to enter the U.S. and holds multiple types of people within itself. Governor Parson spoke briefly on the importance of knowing our state’s history and appreciating our different cultures. Governor Parson signed Executive Order 18-07 to give funds to funds to the State Historical Society for helping put together this upcoming event.

“With the bicentennial a few years away, it is imperative that we create a commission to help with the progress for the upcoming commemoration,” said Governor Parson. “Missouri has a rich history and diverse heritage that deserves a proper celebration. I know the commission, along with everyone involved, will provide a milestone that every Missourian can be proud of.” [2]

What Will the Bicentennial do?

What all will happen to celebrate and commemorate Missouri’s bicentennial? The State Historical Society of Missouri is planning on making this a statewide event. Most of the details are still being worked out as of right now. The bicentennial commemoration is about sharing our communities diverse histories and celebrating the fact that we’re all together. [3]


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