Missouri Senators Vote Against Each Other For Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

dollar bill, money

dollar bill, money

Last Thursday the Senate voted to extend government funding. Without this passage, unnecessary government agencies would have shut down. There was a holdup because it contained a clause mandating the controversial vaccine mandates. However, the bill did pass. Here are some of the details.

Contents Of Bill

This bill effectively keeps the government working until February 18, while keeping the same spending levels. It also adds $7 billion more in aid to Afghanistan evacuees. It also allowed Biden’s hard stance on mandated vaccines for workers at larger businesses.

House First

The House debated over the bill. It was passed by a margin of 221-212. Our Representative Jason Smith voted against the bill.

Senate Passes

The Senate passed H.R. 6119 on Thursday, December 2. Senator Blunt voted to pass the bill, while Senator Hawley voted against this bill. Senator Lee from Utah summarized the mandates as against American citizens. He said,

Their jobs are threatened by their own government [1].

In contrast and in total support of government control of everyday lives, Senator Murray from Washington said,

We should be doing everything we can to stop the virus [2].

Although the vaccine has no tproven itself in stopping the virus, she is for forcing U.S. citizens to get the vaccine.

Executive Branch

President Biden did sign the bill to extend government benefits to himself and those working in D.C. on Friday.


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