Missouri Ranked 6. in Top 10 Most Intriguing Places to Visit in 2019

St. Louis Arch.

St. Louis Arch with buildings.

For vacation this year why don’t we just stay in Missouri. After all the Wall Street Journal compiled a list of the top ten most intriguing places to travel (in the world) in 2019. And Missouri made it at number six.

Where are you Going to Travel?

We all have our travel dream list. Maybe Eastern China to look at the city lights, or Ireland so you can view those rolling green hills in person. Maybe a vacation to the Bahamas is on the top of your dream to do list.

Even if your list of places you wanted to travel stretched a foot long it might not contain Missouri as one of the destinations. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Missouri makes the top ten most intriguing places to travel in 2019 list.

Missouri has got It

What made Missouri rank higher than the Bahamas, Namibia, or Warsaw? The Wall Street Journal commented on the Growing St. Louis, Kansas Cities views, and the Westminster College’s National Churchill Museum.

“St. Louis, a fast-growing tech hub, is actively expanding its network of greenways that connect rivers and parks, including the revitalized Gateway Arch National Park.” [1]

That’s Intriguing

St. Louis is great and so is celebrating the Westminster College’s National Churchill Museums 50th anniversary but can that really compare to a coastal trip? Or a hike through Argentina?

Next time your friends and family refuse to visit you in Missouri, due to its lackluster personality, you can politely remind them that Missouri is ranked number six on the top ten most intriguing places to travel in 2019.

They’re missing out. Even if they do live in Tunisia, walking distance from the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul.


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