Aldi In West Plains Is Now Open And Newly Remodeled

Aldi in West Plains, MO

Aldi in West Plains, MO

Aldo grocery store in West Plains closed in August for renovations.  Per’s previous article [1], Aldi was anticipating enlarging their facilities in order to meet the demands of its customers. Aldi reopened its doors on October 29.


Aldi shut its doors to assist construction workers in their efforts to widen the inside of the facility.  The parking lot had become rather crowded leading up to this closure. The entrance was moved to the side, causing confusion for some customers.


Nonetheless, Aldi and its workers did as promised. The inside of the store is larger, providing additional space between aisles and around checkouts. Inside is bright and inviting. The parking lot is cleared of construction material.


Aldi in West Plains is located at 1210 Missouri Avenue. Most days Aldi opens 9am, but it always closes at 8pm.


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