Best Buy Takes on Amazon With Free Next-Day Shipping Through Holidays

Rows of presents.

Rows of presents.

The fact that the massive online retailer, Amazon, has offered speedy shipping for most of its life has been one of the most distinguishing factors in getting the company to the top when it comes to online shopping. However, Amazon’s reign might not last forever, as other retail companies have watched and learned over the years that customers want fast free shipping. Best Buy is taking a page out of Amazon’s book this holiday season, offering free, expedited shipping on almost everything in stores, $35 minimum purchase required.

Holiday Sales

With the holiday season fast approaching, retail sales are expected to be at an all-time high, and the faster businesses act to grab consumers’ attention, the more likely it will be that people will buy from them and not another retail store.

Best Buy is capitalizing on consumers’ wish for free shipping by offering free, next day deliveries over the holidays. This option will be made to almost everyone, and there are some size and weight restrictions (like large screen TVs and refrigerators). [1] If customers reside outside of the next-day delivery zone, they’ll still receive free standard shipping.

Moving up in the World

This offer, combined with Best Buy recently partnering with Apple to offer Apple-certified repairs [2], could push Best Buy to be more of a threat to Amazon- which currently takes up over 40 percent of all e-commerce sales annually. However, even though Amazon is a tough giant to take on during the holidays, Amazon still requires users to have a Prime account to receive free shipping, compared to Best Buy, which does not need an account for customers to receive free shipping.



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