CarQuest Alton Auto Store Customer Appreciation Day was a Blast!

CarQuest Alton Auto Parts store.

CarQuest Alton Auto Parts store.

Alton, Mo. – On Friday, August 31, 2019, the local auto parts store in Alton, Missouri, held a customer appreciation.  Mike, who has been working at Auto Parts for over 15 years now, was in charge of the event.

Customer Appreciation Day

Alton Auto Parts came into business around 1970 and has managed to continue thriving in this small town. Recently, Alton Auto Parts became CarQuest Alton Auto Parts. To thank their customers for their longtime support as well as introducing customers to their new name- CarQuest- Mike arranged a Customer Appreciation Day held in the Auto Parts parking lot.

CarQuest Alton Auto Parts store.
CarQuest Alton Auto Parts store.

On this Friday, the store was expecting between 150 and 200 people to show for Customer Appreciation Day. At any given time, about 25 residents were there enjoying the food.

Food Offered

Some partakers of the event ate at tables set up in front of the store. Others grabbed a meal to go. As this was held during lunch hours, local business workers could easily grab a quick meal before heading back to work. The employees also received a variation to their typical lunch menu and schedule.

The Alton Auto Parts Store provided hot dogs or pulled pork sandwiches. Chips, soda or water, and desserts. All of this was free of charge to any who showed up. An incredible deal and quite a show of appreciation from our local vendor.

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