Do You Support Woke Practices? Here Is A List Of Top Woke Companies

Lady holding money.

Lady holding money.

Over the past decade, numerous large U.S. companies have adopted woke policies, regularly incorporating left-wing ideals into their products, services, and employment practices. However, recent years have seen some of these businesses go far beyond supporting social justice causes. Instead, they have targeted conservative customers and employees, coercing or forcing Americans to give up their deeply held beliefs to receive important goods or services or remain employed. 

Despite hearing stories of corporate discrimination in recent years, many conservatives cannot keep track of which companies are participating and which are staying away. To shed light on this issue, the 1792 Exchange has launched a new project. The 1792 Exchange evaluated over 1,000 companies in its Spotlight Report, released recently. “Policies, practices, and other relevant criteria to determine the likelihood a company will cancel a contract or client, or boycott, divest, or deny services based on views or beliefs.”

Based on these assessments, the 1792 Exchange team categorized businesses into three categories: “Lower Risk,” “Medium Risk,” and “High Risk.” On the group’s website, “High Risk companies terminate or reject business relationships based on disagreements in viewpoints or pose a high risk of terminating people or companies with whom they disagree.” Here is a partial list based on separate categories. For a more detailed list, click here.


The 1792 Exchange identified banks that are considered 21 “High Risk”: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo.

dollar bill, money
dollar bill, money


It was decided that there are five corporations with these woke practices. Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Xpo Logistics are just a few named.

Airplanes against the sunset.
Airplanes against the sunset.


The retail list includes

Chewy boxes
Chewy boxes

businesses that have actively promoted left-wing ideological views. The list includes Target, Chewy, Amazon, and eBay.


According to the exchange report, ten companies rank on the list. They include Starbucks, Cargill, Kellogg’s, and Ben & Jerry’s.

cup of coffee

Combatting Wokeness

When possible, conservatives should identify similar companies to those that discriminate and switch to them. Switching products or services is a great way to continue your work with a non-discriminatory business. Be sure to tell your current business why you’re leaving, as well as your new business why you’re making the switch.

Trying to keep abreast of even local businesses that discriminate against conservative thinkers is easier than keeping track of nationwide chains. By voicing his opinions and choosing where he spends his money, one person can make a difference.

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