Top 6 Colleges and Universities Located in Missouri

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After graduating from high school, many students come to a crossroads in their life. The question of whether or not to further their education. Some have already decided by this time that they do want to go to a college or university. Once someone has decided that, yes, they do want to go to a college, then comes the trying times where they try to figure out the best fit.

Six best colleges and Universities of Missouri

Missouri has forty-seven different colleges and universities to choose from when pursuing higher education. Many of these reside around the larger cities such as Kansas City and St. Louis, but there are campuses sprinkled throughout the whole state. The Edvocate compiled a list of the top colleges and universities in Missouri. They established these rankings from calculating the graduation rate of students, the staff, student selectivity, along with other factors.

Washington University in St. Louis – Is ranked number 18 in the United states.

Webster University – Is ranked #23 in the midwest and is known for encouraging its student to study abroad.

Fontbonne University – A Christian university with less than 3,210 students.

St. Louis University – Is in the top 100 universities of the United States.

Maryville University of St. Louis – A private school, ranked #165 in national universities.

College of the Ozarks – A christian college ranked #5 in the midwest. [1]

Out of the forty-seven different colleges and universities in Missouri, only six made it on the best of the state. Out of those six, only one, College of the Ozarks, is not located in or near St. Louis, Missouri.


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