What’s The Deal With Reopening?

The human brain.Editorial

The human brain.

Although Missouri is in the process of reopening the economy after the nationwide shutdown, many states are taking a slower, more authoritarian route. Do the elected officials think that we the people cannot think?

Necessary businesses are permitted to stay open or reopen. But just what is necessary? If you are a business owner, putting hours and funds into your business, you know your place is necessary. Can you afford to remain closed? Big businesses seem to bide well.

What About Small Businesses?

It’s the small businesses that are struggling. For example, the barber or hairdresser. They do not appear to be necessary. Nonetheless, how can one legislator decide importance? Does this legislator need to decide? Each winter, or fall and spring, people get the flu and colds. Do these individuals need to be told to stay home? No. Usually, the ill effects are felt and one wants to stay home, not go to the theater, barber, or restaurant. But our country does not forcibly close the theater, barber, or restaurant. Who goes to the beach when they are ill?

Common Sense

Isn’t it time to let the people decide if they are healthy enough to be in public or not. I would call this common sense. Why tell someone to stay home and not leave your home, unless you are really ill. It’s time to treat Americans as the adults they are.


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