11 Point Productions Presents “The Arts In A-Town” On December 10th

"The Arts in A-Town" event flyer.

"The Arts in A-Town" event flyer.

The Community Worship Center (CWC) on South Market Street in historic, downtown Alton, Missouri, will host an 11 Point Productions event, The Arts in A-Town, on Saturday, December 10, 2022, from noon to 7:00 PM. Stop by at your leisure or join us for the reception to enjoy and support the arts.


Featured artists of The Arts in A-Town were selected for their appreciation and love of Ozarks life, as well as, their deep roots in Oregon county. The artists are Barbara Williams, Karen Crews Bridges, and Tammy Curtis.

Barbara Williams

 Barbara Williams is a retired art educator best known for her paintings and photographs of Rock buildings of the Ozarks. As a young girl, she was inspired to practice art by her fifth-grade teacher at Couch School. Much of her work is focused on her family and early life in Oregon county.

Karen Crews Bridges

Karen Crews Bridges grew up learning the love of art from her mother in their rural Oregon county home. She and her husband, Doug have a hobby farm named Dolly Brook Ranch. Her paintings and photographs are inspired, in large part, by animals of all kinds: pets, livestock, and wildlife, including wild horses.

Tammy Curtis

Tammy Curtis, an Ozarks native, enjoys collecting natural and organic objects to incorporate into giftable and wearable art. Her jewelry is unique and intended to shock, wow, and inspire. Nature is her canvas.


There will be a reception to meet the featured artists at 2:00 PM on December 10th, with hors d’oeuvres provided by Court Square Café.


This Ozark’s Art Exhibit is free and open to the public. Appropriate attire is “Oregon County Casual.” Rubber boots are optional. Laurel Johnson will be playing background music on the piano. The sponsors are 11 Point Productions and Court Square Cafe.

The Organizer

11 Point Productions proudly presents The Arts in A-Town, an Ozarks Art exhibit. Founded in 2021, to support the arts in Alton and surrounding Oregon County, 11 Point Productions aims to provide an undeserved population access and opportunities to participate in music, arts, and cultural events; to cultivate a stronger sense of community and place; to provide artists with opportunities to collaborate, fostering inspiration and growth of knowledge, talents, and skills, and to engage the public in their work.


Eleven Point Productions wishes the following: “We hope you’re here for it!” For more information, visit www.11PointProductions.com.

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