Do Your Children Behave When You Aren’t Around?

Facebook website.

Facebook website.

Do you feel some children are out of control? You are not alone. Chick-Fil-A finds that the not-yet-adult patrons are not beneficial to the business. Chick-Fil-A has announced that it will no longer serve rude, unaccompanied children at its Royersford, Pennsylvania, location.

New Rule

The franchise stated on Facebook on Feb. 22 that anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult. When unaccompanied by an adult, children can go inside to purchase food, but they must take it with them and leave.

Why Here?

School-age children often visit the restaurant without their parents on weekends and during school breaks. In most cases, these children and teens are dropped off at a local bounce park for several hours, then walked over to our restaurant.

Why This New Rule?

Children and teens who come to the restaurant unaccompanied often engage in unacceptable behavior, such as very loud conversation with explicit language, the post said. Furthermore, food and trash are thrown around and left on tables, chairs, and the floor; tables and restrooms are vandalized; decorations are stolen; and employees are disrespected by laughing at them, treating them rudely, cursing at them, or ignoring them when asked to change their behavior.

Several unsafe behaviors have been observed outside the restaurant, such as walking in the parking lot and walking through drive-thru lanes. The restaurant said,

As you can imagine, this is not a pleasant experience [1].


The new rule has received mostly positive feedback from the public, as of Tuesday. It was cited in many comments that youth need to learn good boundaries.

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