Are You Homeschooling? Here Are 6 Ways To Personalize It

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Nowadays, so many families homeschool their children. Balancing work schedules with school and extracurricular activities can be a challenge. What can be done to make schooling more personal? Below are six suggestions to get you started.

Name Your School

Think in long terms. Like many public schools, this can be your last name, like “Smith School.” It can describe your beliefs or location. Try ‘Over The Hill School’, or ‘Big Oak Academy.’ Pick one that will stay the same as your students grow.

How About Colors?

Choose school colors, such as yellow and black or maroon and white. Let these colors remain in the classroom throughout the year. Display the colors on bulletin boards, chairs, test tables, or around desks.

School Logo

Invite your children to help you design a school logo. The logo might be something simple like a stick figure on a windshield, or it might be complex like a folder or binder that has a distinctive design. It is your school. What you choose to put on your logo is up to you.


The motto represents the essence of your homeschooling philosophy summed up in a few simple words. There are many private schools and colleges with mottos that are derived from faith, tradition, or the founding principles of the school, and many are crafted in Latin. It was the language of many schools when they were founded, but more importantly, it connects us with our heritage and the roots of education. A well-chosen motto can add depth and meaning to your homeschool. You can use words or phrases to help your children focus on the purpose of home education–their homeschooling. And if you do choose a Latin motto, don’t the words just seem so much more meaningful? Just imagine how proud your children will be to say it.


Do you have a family pet? The family dog, cat, hamster, or bird can fill the mascot roll well. How about a turtle? Or a lizard? If you do not have a pet, how about choosing the state bird or animal?

Color-Coordinated Apparel and Banners

What about matching t-shirts now that you have your school colors? Your kids can wear these to the park or to the store. You can see them more easily. They can even be customized with the school logo. On art day, have the children design a banner to display when entering the classroom.

Now you are set. These are a few suggestions to make your homeschool ‘your’ homeschool. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you.


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