Fun Family Activities For Dreary Months Inside Or Outside

outside woods with snowCommunity

outside woods with snow

Cold, dreary winter months of grey days have a way of bringing down the spirit. Add to that working at home, schooling at home, snowbound at home- need I continue? Here is a list of boredom-breaking ideas for the whole family.

Inside Activities

1. build an indoor campfire, complete with marshmallows

2. table game night- like charades, dominoes, uno.

3. read a book aloud

4. watch an educational movie or an entertaining one. Have a movie night complete with popcorn

5. build a blanket fort, or a box castle, or instruments

6. target practice with rubber bands

7. Lego building competition

8. tea party, sometimes used with chocolate milk and m& m’s

9. indoor obstacle course

10. put together a puzzle

11. play around the world. a is for apple. The second child repeats a and adds b is for a banana, etc.

Outside games

1. snow fort

2. homemade bird feeders

3. outside snow obstacle course

4. snow art

5. build a bonfire, complete with marshmallows and hot cocoa

6. shovel a neighbor’s driveway

Indoor or Outdoor Activities

1. scavenger hunt

2. cook something outdoors in the cold


These are merely suggestions to get your creative bank working. Another similar list is found here. The idea is to start moving and see what comes up. You’ll go to bed tired and happy.


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