5 Practices That Will Get You A’s Throughout High school

Getting straight A's

Getting straight A's

Getting straight A’s throughout high school can be challenging but rewarding. Although having good grades isn’t everything in life, they can help you get into a college or program. They can also show that you can stick with something, demonstrating maturity and a work ethic. It takes hard work to continue getting A’s through high school; here are five tips to make it less difficult.

Get Organized

Figure out your syllabus and organize extra activities around your school schedule. Set aside a need a quiet place for studying if you want to get good grades, try to make sure that your space is distraction free. It is better to spread out studying over time. An important thing to remember is that if you study regularly, you can avoid last minute cramming.

Go to class

Attend class, take notes, ask questions. Every class that you miss puts you behind in terms of notes, teachers explanations, assignments, and reading.

Have time management

Good time management is the key to studying hard and efficiently. Create a good organization and learn how to work with yourself to establish the best time management that works for you.

Take notes

Reviewing and studying often begins with notes. We often forget things very fast and writing things down helps us remember more. Take quick notes in class and fill them out in your free time with the help of your book, memory, or internet.

Study group

A study group can help if you don’t understand a concept, by discussing with each other you can familiarize that topic in your mind. By teaching each other, you and your partners will also learn the subject in a more thorough manner.


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