5 Hacks to Make Working With Butter Easier

Sticks of butter in a cup.

Sticks of butter in a cup.

Buttering a slice of bread can become a hassle no matter how proficient you are at doing it. It seems that no matter how soft or how hard the butter, your hands get messy, and the bread is left with spots unbuttered, or spots heavily buttered.

Buttered bread, and lots of it can be a mystery when you’re the person spreading the butter. How can someone quickly and easily butter a whole loaf of bread? Without hassle?

Compiled below are five butter hacks. Stop working for a beautiful spread and start making butter work for you. Whether it’s buttered bread or having softened butter whenever you need it, these five butter hacks will come in handy. [1]

Butter From the Stick

If you’re in a rush, you can just grab the stick of butter, preferably unsoftened, and butter the slices of bread. Use the butter like you would a glue stick. This works best on hot bread or with slightly softened butter. Not too soft as you’ll still have to hold it.

Don’t Refrigerate Your Butter

Keep butter out of the fridge in a container, such as a butter bell, so you know you always have presoftened butter on hand. Although this isn’t great for cooking or when you have to measure your butter, it works for buttering bread or potatoes.

Let the Bread do the Work

If you just took butter from the fridge or freezer and don’t have time to soften it, this one is for you. Just slice some pieces off, put it between two slices of warm bread, wait a moment or two, then rub the bread together for beautifully buttered slices.

Melted Butter

Whether you’re buttering bread to put into an oven or you’re buttering pre-toasted bread, this will make it one hundred times faster. Take out a plate, put some butter on the plate, and melt it until it’s liquid. Then dunk your slices of bread into the butter. Voila!

Keep More Butter in Your Fridge

If you go through a lot of butter, try keeping more in your fridge and less in your freezer. The butter won’t go bad that fast and your butter will already be softer than if it was in the freezer when you need it.

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