Easy Guide to Growing Indoor Tomato Plants

Grow a tomato plant.

Grow a tomato plant.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are better when you grow them yourself. That’s my experience anyway. The downside is that gardening is complicated. There are many moving parts. The upside is that fresh food is good for you; growing fresh food for yourself is excellent; however, growing fresh food for yourself inside is awesome!

Managing a garden inside or outside takes a “green thumb.” Sometimes there’s not enough space for extra plants in your yard. The upside is that gardening inside can help freshen up your house and life at the same time.

Here’s how to grow a tomato plant from a seed and watch it bear fruit inside your house.

Decide on the seed

First decide what type of tomato plant you want, a “viney” one or a thick bush? Small cherry tomatoes or large juicy tomatoes? If you only have a small space for your tomato plant, you should choose the bush variety as opposed to the vining plant.

Plant your seed

Fill a seedling starter tray with a moist starter mix or soil. Make a small hole in the soil of each cell. The hole should be about a quarter inch deep. Plant up to three seeds in each hole. Cover the seeds with more mix and water when the soil is dry. It should take around sixty days before you can harvest your tomatoes so plan accordingly.

Keep your plants alive

After your tomatoes sprout, keep them in a warm sunny location. Give them plenty of water as well. When they grow two sets of leaves, you know its time to transplant them. Carefully plant them in a larger pot prepared with soil.

Fertilize the tomatoes

Within two weeks of transplanting, you can apply your first fertilizer treatment. Continue to fertilize your plants every few weeks until it is mature. Use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous to keep your plants healthy.

Pollinating the flowers

You can either set your plant outside to help the pollination process. Or you can do it yourself. By pointing a fan at the tomato or gently shaking the stem of the tomato plant you can help the pollen disperse.

Harvest your tomatoes

The tomato plant should bear fruit within 60 to 80 days of planting (remember to check the back of your seed packet for the exact timing). They will continue to produce fruit all season long. You will know that your tomatoes are ripe when they have turned a vibrant and even red, yellow, or pink. The tomatoes should be slightly soft when squeezed.


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